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How To Be A Princess Diary & Tiara

How To Be A Princess Diary & Tiara

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Our "How To Be A Princess" Diary book is a keepsake piece you can pass on to your loved ones and/or decide to one day get it published as your memoir.  Each diary book will include crystal gems on  the cover of their crown for a special sparkly touch! 

Tiara crown included with your diary book-- Please know each tiara will not look the exact same. Your Princess tiara will be silver with silver crystals. 


The first ten people who buy this product will receive a complimentary copy of Broken Pieces N’ Rare Pearls, a memoir by Nikki Townes 

A novel written for you by you...In the land where fairytales do come true, you have the power to write your happy ending.
Who is prince charming? Where and when will your ever after be? Only you can tell. Only you hold the key to the magical mysteries of your life...


hidden message on the last page of your book  ✨


Shipping & Taxes included for all Domestic Orders 



  • Hardcover with smooth, matte, laminate coating
  • Dimensions -- Large book (7" x 10")
  • 75, lined, white pages
  • Perforated pages for easy removal
  • Made specialty for you  in the USA

Ships from the glamorous USA, please allow 1-10 business days for your book to process and ship to your home 

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