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 About Kimmy's Girly Box Surveys...



Once you've decided to purchase a GIRLY BOX for yourself or a loved one, be sure to submit a GIRLY BOX SURVEY (conveniently located in the right hand corner of our website).  Your survey will then be saved with your order for each box you purchase. Be sure to include as much information about yourself as you can! If your favorite color is pink, what shade of pink?! Luxe Dolls know that there is no such thing as ONE SHADE of PINK and an entire mood can change depending on the color!   :) 


If your box is a gift, please include information about the person for whom the gift is intended in the survey ONLY.  If you have any questions, do not hesitate to send an email to us:  kimmyluxedolls@gmail.com 💗


About Our Customer Service Policy...

Have questions about sizing, order status, or want to learn more about the brand? Reach out to us!  All Order status questions must be submitted via email. We try to keep our responses as organized & professional as possible --Please be considerate of our system and utilize the email platform as the best and most efficient way to reach us! 

In your email please include the following to speed up your inquiry:

💗  Your name, first & last 

💗  Your order number

💗  Your question 

All emails will receive a detailed response from Kimmy or a staff member from our team within business hours only. Our customer's satisfaction is important to us! 


About Our Return Policy...


About Our Shipping During THE GLOBAL PANDEMIC...

Kimmy works with international vendors all around the world. Some orders may be affected by the COVID19 crisis.  Even though it has gotten better, with news of the variants, we must keep in mind that the world is not out of the woods!  We have been working tirelessly to ensure that our orders are shipped and fulfilled speedily during this challenging time. However, as we take every safety measure possible to make sure that all products are shipped safely and securely from our trusted carriers, we expect delays. We understand how these bumps in scheduling may cause an inconvenience to you and we ask for your patience and understanding. 

Let's keep the world's health in our thoughts and prayers-- together we can make a difference in our generation!



About Our Flexible Payment Options...