Our Story

Founded in 2018, Kimmy Luxe Dolls is an international personal shopping service.  In a world viewed with rose colored glasses, Kimmy's mission is to bring out your inner most luxurious self, in pink!  Born and raised in the city of Boston, fashion has always been a passion for Kimmy. It is a way to express yourself before any introduction. 

Fashion, beauty and self care are the core values of Kimmy Luxe Dolls. It is one thing to dress the part, it is another to look the part, but when it all comes off how do you feel on the inside? Kimmy believes that with self care, you are unstoppable! 

 Take the time to explore Kimmy's shopping for YOU:

  • Promotions- Weekly, Monthly, Seasonal, and Annual specials!
  • Personal Shopping Service- Girly Boxes, Girly Bags, Mystery Bags!
  • Kimmy's Kloset- Clothes & Shoes, Ready to Ship Wear, Pre-Loved Finds, Lingerie, Fitness, and Kimmy's Special Collections by Seasons!
  • Luxe Home Collection- Items that Kimmy would buy for her own home!
  • Luxe Accessories- Items that every woman should have available to her!

... The hard part is over!  Kimmy did the shopping for you.  Now enjoy being fabulous!