Allow Me To Introduce You To The Kimmy Luxe Dolls Life!


Kimmy Luxe Dolls was founded in 2018 as a personal shopping service.  The intention was to build a network of beautiful things that inspire women to live lives of luxury.  With the support of a small group of investors KLD was able to be launched, sustained, and eventually found itself thriving in the midst of a global pandemic.  Kimmy will never forget those who supported her modest beginnings.

EVERY woman can be a Kimmy Luxe Doll.  EVERY woman can have the zest for life that Kimmy has!  In the Luxe Life, DOLLS are encouraged to BE strong, yet look and feel feminine.  Barbies can be smart, without forfeiting fantasy!  Kimmy knows the secret to maintaining both!

Why blonde?  Kimmy believes that being blonde is a state of mind.  The old adage of blondes having more fun IS TRUE!  Not because blondes naturally have more fun (neither are all blondes natural) but rather the idea of being light, airy, fanciful, carefree, and full of surprise, optimism, excitement, and laughter, should be every woman's prerogative: regardless of race, religion, or creed.  The never ending transformation into living the Luxe Life starts in the mind:  When women believe that all things are possible for her, suddenly her kloset changes! 

Take the time to explore Kimmy's shopping for YOU:

  • Promotions- Weekly, Monthly, Seasonal, and Annual specials!
  • Personal Shopping Service- Girly Boxes, Girly Bags, Mystery Bags!
  • Kimmy's Kloset- Clothes & Shoes, Ready to Ship Wear, Pre-Loved Finds, Lingerie, Fitness, and Kimmy's Special Collections by Seasons!
  • Luxe Home Collection- Items that Kimmy would buy for her own home!
  • Luxe Accessories- Items that every woman should have available to her!

***The hard part is over!  Kimmy did the shopping for you.  Now enjoy being fabulous~